Automatic temperature verification


CreativeChip Pillar is an integrated solution, that was created to serve your company’s requirements for a quick, precise and safe selection of your staff and guests, during the COVID-19 period.


It scans and automatically verifies a the temperature of the person in front of it flagging temperatures above a certain treshold. This enables a security personel or an automatic system to allow the access of the person on the building’s premises such as:


• Large commercial spaces
• Office buildings
• Airports and train stations
• Large residential buildings


It is a low-cost, high accuracy solution that looks good and integrates with your existing systems.



Key Features


Our product includes the essencials to keep your employees, customers or residents safe.

• Thermal imaging Camera with ±0.5º accuracy
• 21” IPS LED Display
• Touchless hand sanitizer, hand gloves dispenser, face masks dispenser
• Access control system integration support


Thermal Imaging Camera



The thermal imaging camera, with an accuracy of ±0.5º, linked with our solution for an acoustic alert, is one of the most important, rapid and reliable methods for identifying a temperature exceedance in a subject.



21” IPS LED Display


Our 21” IPS LED display transmits in real time the imagery obtained from the thermographic camera, being programmed to display the maximum temperature detected on the surface of any element that enters the area of the frame. 




Access control system integration support


The Pillar can be integrated with an existing building access control system enabling quick and painless access to the building for a large number of employees or customers.




Touchless hand sanitized dispenser


A sensor activated hand sanitizer dispenser, which eliminates the need of surface touching, is also fitted into the device, along with two built-in compartments that give you the opportunity to mount boxes for the much needed masks and gloves.





Modular and customizable 


The Pillar can be “custom ordered” to include only the access control system or to be embedded into existing fixtures. Contact us for more information.